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  • AIA GESS-ის მოსწავლეები კვლავ აშშ-ში NASA-ს კოსმოსურ ცენტრში მიემგზავრებიან. Students of AIA GESS continue to travel to the NASA Space Center in the US. Millennium Challenges Foundation has revealed the winners of the innovation competition. The first place was awarded to the Gymnasium AIA GESS project "Robot Laboratory assistant". The authors of the project : Ani Tetrashvili, Nini Khundzakishvili and Tamar Mikeladze will travel to the NASA Space Center and participate in the educational program.

    სკოლა “აია-GESS” “2018 წლის დარგის ლიდერი” ოქროს მედლით დაჯილდოვდა!

    The school, which returns as a winner from all international competitions, was awarded with a gold medal in the nomination of "The Industry Leader of 2018".

    Teaching at "AIA-GESS" goes on all three stages. Learning process consists of two parts: Georgian-British and Georgian-Spanish. From the fifth grade, the bilingual teaching process is introduced to both parts.


    ოქროს მედალი-დარგის ლიდერი 2018

    On 24th of March  2018 Gymnasium AIA GESS was awarded with a Gold Medal "Industry Leader of 2018”. First place and gold medal in the gold rating! We congratulate all AIA GESS students and followers  with this recognition and the third gold medal.There will be more responsibility and success ahead !

                                                                      Translated by the 10th grade student

                                                               Giorgi Barisashvili

    ათასწლეულის ინოვაციის კონკურსი

    6 teams from our school have made to semi-final stage of the Millennium Innovation Award

    გამომგონებელთა კონკურსი-ლეონარდო და ვინჩი 2017.On November 3 at 16:00 in the TBC Bank's head office hosted an exhibition of projects and awarding the winners of the International Competition "Leonardo da Vinci" for the student inventors.
    Translated by the tenth grade student             Maia Arziani

    „რეიტინგი ოქროს“  პირველი ადგილი კვლავ გიმნაზიამ „აია-GESS” მოიპოვა
     The UNBR Award Ceremony 2017 was held in the hotel "Hualing”. About 50 Georgian and foreign companies took part in it.
    They were selected based on the statistical ranking results: if they were able to make real contribution to the development of the country's economy and if they did the socially responsible business.
     Translated by the tenth grade student:
                                                        Salome Mamuladze
    „ აია–GESS”-ის თეატრალური სტუდიის “SMART -CHILD” – ის სპექტაკლი „მძინარე მზეთუნახავი“.It was an extraordinary sight. Performance staged at a high professional level, with small actors virtuously playing their roles. The performance that we watched yesterday would grace any scene.

    The pupils of the second, third and fourth grades took part in the performance: Maxim Naavgust, Nene Zubashvili, Gega Lagidze, Inna-Maria Tsurtsumia, Mate Matureli, Megie Pipia, Elene Sebiskveradze, Natia Bulbulashvili, Salome Gelashvili, Nino Gogokhia, Nikoloz Chokheli, Andria Petashvili, Tsotne Chikhladze, Giorgi Oniashvili, Luka Qvrivishvili, Akaki Aqubardia.

    •  Wristlet that charges the phone with a hand movement
    •  A helmet which  has cooling and heating functions
    •  A window that generates electricity


    This is a short list of inventions by Giorgi Shelegia and Amiran Aptsiauri. Meet the young inventors in the story of Mariam Mchedlishvili.



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